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  • I got 55%. I suppose I am pretty jelous... Just a cute guy I like but so does one of my best friends! She said she'd let me have him. Cool!!!

    Jamie Elliott_Hall Nov 20 '08, 11:03AM
  • 58% kule

    Dunno Nov 6 '08, 6:54PM
  • i got 19% i dont think im even that jealous, but i guess thats an ok score, i dont get jealous of people like that, its annoying to others and makes you look insecure, anyways pretty good quiz...B-

    MYRASOSWEET Nov 1 '08, 12:05AM
  • 13%. great quiz!

    misskiss Oct 30 '08, 8:01PM
  • 13%. great quiz!

    misskiss Oct 30 '08, 8:01PM

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