How irritating are you? >:-]

There are many irritating people... But are you one of of them? Irritating people are quite dramatic [yet sometimes emotionless] high and mighty but not exceptionally smart [well, many are but most irritating people i know aren't particularly bright].

Are YOU irritating? Do you have the annoying-ness to qualify for the infamous title? Before now you could only wonder but thanks to this fabulous wonderful most AWESOME quiz, you can find out in a few short minutes.

Created by: By some random person!

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  1. Who knows best?
  2. How smart are you?
  3. Do you ever do anything wrong? Like, break rules insult people ect-cetera.
  4. Whats the world like?
  5. Your desk-mate [at work or school, just someone sits close to you] by accident rips their pants and only you know.
  6. Your friend [who loves the colour red, gossip and hula hoops] over heard you saying something to the said rip-pant-ed friend and BEGS to know about it.
  7. Do you like chocolate cake?
  8. What kind of books do you like?
  9. which smile-y face do you like?
  10. What do you do if you were doing something and someone told you stop?
  11. Your friend was sharpening her pencil while your boss/teacher was giving a lecture. You...

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Quiz topic: How irritating am I? >:-]