How innocent are you?

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What have you done that's been spontaneous or daring? Have you kissed someone and regretted it? Or maybe you've been called a name, and you want to clear it up. Maybe this quiz can help.

Are you an angel or were you born with tiny little horns in a pit of fire? This quiz will analyse some of the personal factors of your life and will show you how innocent you are!

Created by: Meg

  1. Ever kissed someone of the opposite sex?
  2. Ever kissed someone...of the same sex?
  3. Even been drunk?
  4. Ever smoked a cigarette?
  5. Ever done drugs?
  6. Ever felt someone up/been felt up?
  7. Ever done sexual things with someone but not the whole way?
  8. Ever done it all?
  9. Ever cheated on someone?
  10. Have you ever broken the law?
  11. Ever sent a naked photo to someone?

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Quiz topic: How innocent am I?