how hot are you?

There are many hot people. But few sexual beasts. people that create lines of people to date you.yay. yippe uhhu oh yea you did very good man I can't beleive this has to be one hundred and fifty characters so yay good job yup.

good job man you are awsome for doing this. yes super good job yes you did very goog well I'm gald you enjoyed this my brother from another mother yay yes I think I already said that but that is ok yay.

Created by: dakota

  1. pick a number
  2. what coler is your hair?
  3. what coler r u
  4. what coler is your eyes?
  5. Do u have acne?
  6. how many people have u dated?
  7. If u didn't say 0 did u ask them out or the other way around?
  8. What do u do on your spare time?
  9. rate youre self from 1-5
  10. Have the person next to u pick how hot u r

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Quiz topic: How hot am I?