How horrifying are you?

So I have to write to paragraphs that give people statements regarding my quiz. But why? Wasn't the title enough for you and can't these be optional? I mean, really. Why would I need to hammer on about horrific stuff when all that's going to be done IN THE QUIZ?

I mean, I kind of understand the paragraph after you get the results. But this? THIS, needs to be optional. *sigh* Well I could just tell you something in the afterstatement. See you at the end, andddddddd ReMEmeMbeErrrr TTTToOo sTStAtATAyay sCscACAcaRARYrYRYYYY

Created by: FireyDeath4

  1. What is your preferred method/role in scaring people?
  2. What kind of scary entity are you best out of these?
  3. Say "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". (Please note: the results may not be accurate at all.)
  4. Imagine you were fighting a powerful, potent and courageous hero. How would your surroundings appear right now? (Please note: the answers may reflect on your evil rather than your scariness.)
  5. If you could pick an ability OUT OF THESE right now, what would it be?
  6. What's the average reaction you receive when scaring people/doing your thing?
  7. How would you align yourself? Or rather, how best of these would others align you?
  8. What were all the horror movies you watched like to or compared with you? (If you haven't watched any, get out this quiz and watch one and come back.)
  9. What's the most scary thing you have heard of before entering this quiz?
  10. How far will you go to scare people?
  11. What is death to you?
  12. Be honest and serious, is there anything you know that's scarier than everything I know and/or put in this quiz (e.g. insects, death, torture, agony, depression, fire, abysses, blood, organ mutilation, organisms exploding, mutated entities, paranormal entities, Satan, lunatics, the idea that everything we've worked for will eventually die with the universe, whatever)?
  13. Do all existing creepypastas suck?
  14. How do you want humanity, or it's evolved descendants, to go extinct? (This includes colonies that have moved on to other planets.)
  15. By proceeding and getting a high score, you genuinely agree that nothing can be less scary than Bete Noire and will get someone who gets their comments noticed to tell Camilla that she is not scary enough. You also solemnly swear infinitely that you are not lying. (And, yes, this was the only fitting thing I could reference in this quiz. But since it's the anti-objective of this quiz, it deserves a mention, if not A MASSIVE LESSON ON HOW TO BE SCARY!!!)

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Quiz topic: How horrifying am I?