How Hoosier are you?

Being a Hoosier is one part good fortune, one part state of mind and one part heritage. Do you live in Indiana, or have you lived in Indiana? If so you share ties with President Benjamin Harrison, fashion designer Bill Blass, and basketball legend George McGinnis.

Do you call yourself a Hoosier? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know about the Crossroads of America (a term first used, by the way, in Terre Haute).

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  1. What is the most likely origin of the name "Hoosier"?
  2. Indianapolis, the capital city, is located in what county?
  3. What sport is commonly known as "Hoosier Hysteria"?
  4. Indiana lies on the northeastern edge of ___.
  5. In a calendar year which of these seasons BEGINS first?
  6. Madam C. J. Walker moved to Indianapolis in 1910 and made her fortune in what field?
  7. Which of the following statements is true?
  8. The first Indy 500 was held in what year?
  9. The city of Fort Wayne got its name from whom?
  10. "Hoosier Hill," the highest point in the state, rises 1257 feet above sea level. Where is it?
  11. From what university did Larry Bird receive his undergraduate degree?
  12. Which of these Vice Presidents was a Hoosier?
  13. Oscar Robertson graduated from Crispus Attucks high school before attending college, winning a gold medal in the Olympics, and spending a triumphant 14 years in the NBA. What was his nickname?
  14. Which Native American people lived in the land that is now Indiana at the time European settlers began to arrive?
  15. In what order did Indiana join the United States?
  16. Which of the following is NOT a Hoosier?
  17. Which of the following is NOT a Hoosier?
  18. Which of the Mercury 7 astronauts was a Hoosier?
  19. What body of water forms Indiana's southern border?
  20. Whose home was known as "Grand Central Station" of the Underground Railroad because he helped more than 2000 slaves escape into Canada?
  21. What is Indiana's state bird?
  22. It's summer, and you are driving through the Indiana countryside. Which of the following crops are you LEAST likely to see?
  23. Indiana Dunes State Park draws its name from ___.

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