How Hoosier Are You?

The United States is known as the "melting pot" of different cultures, but even so, each state has it's own character. The "Hoosier State" is no exception. The wide farmlands, high school basketball, and marching bands are all part of what makes our state unique.

Are you curious to see how much of a Hoosier you are? Have you lived in Indiana all your life, or just driven through here once? Take this quiz to see how much Hoosier you have in you.

Created by: Emily
  1. Have you ever driven your tractor to school or work?
  2. Have you ever been hunting?
  3. Do you or a family member live on a farm?
  4. Have you ever experienced 80 degree weather and 45 degree weather in the same week?
  5. As a child did you ever have the desire to attend Indiana University?
  6. Have you ever seen a marching band?
  7. Have you ever spent your Friday night hanging out at Wal-Mart?
  8. Have you ever played on a basketball team?
  9. Do you like country music?
  10. What's your favorite Indiana city?
  11. Do you know who Larry Bird is?
  12. Do you have to drive for more than 45 minutes to get to the nearest mall?
  13. Can you tell what season we're in by how high the corn is?

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Quiz topic: How Hoosier am I?