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  • I’m middle-class...

    Shimmerdream Mar 23 '18, 8:57AM
  • I got 72%, though I don't come from a high-class family... '-'

    Suzuu Jan 17 '16, 1:18PM
  • truth!!!!!!!!

    gh0stGA1 Oct 28 '15, 3:11PM
  • 0%
    You are not High-Class by any stretch of the imagination. You have much work about you to be done, and I (and possibly no one else) can not help you in this area.

    gh0stGA1 Oct 28 '15, 3:09PM
  • I got 57 percent even though I don't come from a high class family.

    SKV Aug 4 '15, 11:53AM
  • This is redundant, in all of Europe's high-class they have a saying?!
    I'm a part of Norway's upper-class and caviar and salmon isn't luxurious, so maybe they should cater for the rest of the world as well next time.
    Didn't even bother to finish the whole "quiz".

    Edwardhaav Jan 30 '15, 7:42PM
  • I got 76% I know I need to improve. I'm actually a young lady in a high class family. I'm gonna hide this score from my Mother. I never hear the end of it, if she finds out.....XD

    LadyRose Jan 4 '15, 11:50PM
  • 97%, Some questions were kind of hard though.

    NeccoLand Dec 11 '14, 9:10PM
  • my score was 12% high class

    ACRSWAGZ Nov 10 '14, 1:40AM
  • Nouvre riche is a term in reference to New Money. This term kind of hit it's peak during the Roaring 20's when the Stalk Market was at an all time high and people who played the Stalk Market properly were becoming extremely wealthy. It was often used as a derogatory name from Old Money toward New Money. A great example of nouvre riche would be Gatsby from the Great Gatsby.

    Linnae Nov 22 '13, 12:32AM
  • the reason i am in a low class is bacause i am only 11 yrs. old the questions were to hard for me becuuse i am after all only just started yr. 6.

    zoe keeble Nov 8 '13, 5:50PM
  • 3%, I didn't know what most of those words and phrases meant!

    aturn Jul 24 '13, 6:12PM
  • You are 72% High-Class
    Yo u are for the most part High-Class. You have a deep appreciation for the finer things in life, and you probably possess a level you high-social conciousness as well. But remember, there is always room for improvement.
    Well it certainly reflects on my upbringing I guess, but it really doesn't make much of a difference. One could be raised, surrounded by wealth but not be any more intelligent than the other raised in a working class environment.
    I honestly hope nobody takes me for a snobbish wealthy young-adult.

    Amelia Austin Jan 5 '13, 7:01PM
  • *Nouveau Riche. Which the creator of this quiz may well have been. (95% Upper)

    BillyBob222 Oct 28 '12, 5:17AM
  • I got 3 percent to being in first class, but i don't care
    I like being in middle class

    skyprint May 19 '12, 9:37AM
  • Hum ... About "nouvre riche" : what does it mean ? I'm french but i never heared it before... Maybe a spelling mistake ? IDK

    Weird_Lulu Apr 25 '12, 10:36AM
  • That was kinda boring

    kelseyv Jan 2 '12, 7:53PM
  • I liked it I got 100% upper class and it is almost right but we are LU class not U

    Therichgirl Sep 2 '11, 8:18PM
  • 2 percent

    droop199317 Apr 30 '11, 6:04PM
  • Quite entertaining. Scored 71%.

    LDarling Feb 12 '11, 4:45AM
  • I'm not fancy, but somewhat spohisticated. Other than that, I am middle class, NOT upper. I would rate this quiz a 7 out of 10 stars.

    smartgirl115 Dec 31 '10, 9:11PM
  • 36% lol but skrew. im only teen! does this quiz expect me to name every King ever known in order? but still good quiz =]

    Angel In Fantasy Dec 24 '10, 1:02PM

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