How hard will you be spanked?

You come home and I am MAD at you. I tell you that your transgressions will result in a punishment. You're not exactly happy about that. You know that I have been known to swat the bottoms of people who are naughty.

So far you have avoided my wrath but you're about to feel the sting of my hand on your backside. The question is, how bad will your spanking be? A few pats on the rump, or a multi-hour butt-whooping marathon?

Created by: Sir
  1. What did you do?
  2. Are you sorry?
  3. Will you do it again?
  4. Are you going to fight this punishment?
  5. I'm going to spank you bare bottom...
  6. I'm going to spank you in public...
  7. Go stand in the corner while I prepare.
  8. What will be the other part to your punishment?
  9. Do you think I should spank you at all?
  10. Will I ever have to spank you again?

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Quiz topic: How hard will I be spanked?

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