How HAPPY are you?

Not everybody can be happy. And not everybody can meet my happines requirement!! Do you think that you are 100% HAPPY?? The only way to find out is by taking this quiz!

I hope that you enjoy my quiz! This quiz is actually in a seris of quizzes so check out my profile page and take the other qizzes there!! BE HAPPY FOREVER :D

Created by: JellyBely26

  1. How happy do you think you are?
  2. Do you suffer from depression?
  3. Do you enjoy life?
  4. How many friends do you have?
  5. How often do you smile?
  6. Do you like to laugh?
  7. Do you have anger management issues?
  8. Do you like Watermelons?
  9. Did you like this quiz?
  10. Goodbye

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Quiz topic: How HAPPY am I?