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  • 33% Green. Yeah, geez, I know. I'm not exactly the most green person ever, but idgaf. I know, I know.. That's not the best thing, and I live on earth and all, so I should care for our planet... But some people just don't, ya know. I don't really get how picking up a piece of trash helps anything. I mean, sure, it gets turned into something new if you recycle it, but... Honestly, even if you picked up all of the trash, do you think some litterbug will be like ' oh... Maybe I should change my ways. No more tossing trash for old Johnny Allenwrench' nah. They'll probably just snort and toss their trash anyway.

    My point is, most people act like our earth can be a hundred percent clean if we try our very best. I doubt that EVERYONE can agree long enough to clean up the earth. Geez, we couldn't even agree on stopping slavery for a long time., how could we agree on cleaning the earth? Silly point, ik, but still...

    Anyways, sorry for ranting, lol. Me and my opinions.. ( sorry if I offend ya)

    Nice quiz -
    Ghettobabe4ever ♡

  • I got 100% green yes!