How great of a Guardian are YOU to ME?

I need a lot of characters on each paragraph so I will now type random things. Excuse my laziness: Guy and say I don't know what I am going to do a lot of work in the world I think the world is a good thing to do with the idea of a new person who is a member of the

He was a member of the team was the first to win the game I think is a good idea to be a good person to be a good person to be able for the next 🕑🕑🕑🕑🕑

Created by: Harley Quinn

  1. Will you always love your child, no matter what they are/do?
  2. Would you ever kick your minor out of the house?
  3. What if your child wasn't the same religion as you?
  4. What if they were your religion, but they weren't straight?
  5. What if they had a mental disorder?
  6. Do you believe that children/teens should choose what they'd like to do with their life, as long as it's not criminal?
  7. What's the worst thing your kid could tell you?
  8. Is your kid in school?
  9. Will you pound the living **** out of anyone who hurts them?
  10. :)

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Quiz topic: How great of a Guardian am I to ME?