How Smart Are You Compared To Two Dumb People?

please don't repeat so often it gets so annoying this is the longest paragraph in the history of gotoquiz so be warned and stop reading at any time this is a run on sentence trust me no flippin periods like oh my god and wow I don't care if I mispell words because I won't be looking over this again dur so how are you doing self I am doing fine I wonder what the limit is for how many words I can type here in this space so far I have four hundred that is quite a lot of words jesus christ that is I am no christian I am an athiest but who the heck cares I am random oh yay almost six hundred words that was fast lol I am still wondering what in the world the limit is hmm I will have to keep typing random things for eternity I guess hm My favorite color is blue and OHMYGOD THE LIMIT IS 800 EXACTL

DUN DUN DUN I CAN KEEP TYPING HERE BOO YAH! Anyways my favorite color is yes you guessed it, blue it is amazing in every way like the sky and ocean and all that jazz and wow who says all that jazz anymore I mean seriously ok wait I just watched this awesome movie called Hancock but it was the remake I seriously almost cried when the dog died that was awful the person should of died it would have been less sad anyways wow off topic a good movie is also Shutter Island if you have seen that so in the commentos so I don't feel like a dumbo writing this and wait oh my god I have a great idea if you are reading this and have read the last one too write BOB!!! in the comments to show you did like seriously I will love you and then congratulate you for doing something so pointless oh yay 800 words

Created by: Sunday1

  1. When was the 1914 war?
  2. what colour was Napoleon's white horse?
  3. If you multipy 100 by 100 and subtract it by 2 you get... (If you seriously need a calculator for this...stop taking this quiz right now)
  4. The capital of the us is...
  5. If someone jump headfirst from a three story building onto concrete do they even have a small change of living?
  6. The president of the US three years ago was...
  7. Is fawn a color of cat?
  8. What does supercalifragilisticexpialidocious mean?
  9. Everyone born in 1997 is how old right now?
  10. Do you think you are smarter than two dumb people?

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Quiz topic: How Smart am I Compared To Two Dumb People?