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  • Wtf i would gag in the store if I saw a Barbie I would never touch them unless they were goth barbie and I would never wear pink I love black even at a birthday party I had for the drinks me and my friends drank out of blood bags I have an upside down cross necklace and really my favorite store to shop is hot topic I even paint my nails black Im also probably going to get a book of spells and demon summoning even my of is a demon/weapon (its my soul eater based of but I use it for all my drawing) and i would never touch a skirt I even have some fake skulls in my room

  • Your the town 0% 0%

    Barbie! yay you are kind and full of sun shine! no bad dark blood in your cute lil body, You run at the sight of blood and everything not cute and innocent!

    Dufuq?!? I have voodoo dolls!! I have 3 black snakes!!! You go in ma hose you think all the lights are off!!!!!

    I havnt seen anything white/pink in my house/room in 25 years.

    P.S., I'm 25
    THIS IS RIGGED!!!!!!!!

  • Fail. I doubt the quiz creator even knows who Bauhaus is, or even Bela Lugosi for that matter, lol. And yes Bela as in "undead undead", not bella swan. When I got my first tattoo, "bella swan" was probably still in diapers. ;]

  • I'm not a barbie, neither a goth.

    But who listens to a 14years-old 'guy' who meditates and believes in the spiritual creatures trough who were serounded .

    Making weapons is my hobby, no barbie can or dears to do that, am I right?!

  • I love the color black, I like the look and taste of blood (*cough* username *cough*), I wear black, I absolutely HATE pink, I like rock and punk, I think of suicide, I HATE dolls, and I'm kind of a satanist. This test is, once again, hella wrong. Waste of time, and not worth the thinking, as it will probably lie.

  • Barbie, really?! i know im not goth but come on. im closer to goth than i am barbie. i certainly dont run from... well just about anything. id much rather stand and fight. either way though its only a quiz thoug so in the end it doesnt matter. By the way maker of the quiz, it seems every person got barbie, is that intentionally like that or did you make a mistake. either way you should fix it. i know you were pretty much saying dont take it to heart, but as you can see everyone is.

  • Everyone got barbie. I got barbie. I went to this place once and we got to shoot barbie dolls out of a cannon. Trust me, it was so good to see that plastic junk hit the wall on the other side of the room.

  • ...your quiz appears to be flawed...i would advise fixing it...its a real shame when people are bored enough to take one of these damned things and teh designers cannot even create an accurate quiz...

  • Hold on a minute... I ain't your typical happy-go-sunshine girl, I don't even ACT like that. My answers didn't even go or start to the girl answers. They were either goth or neutral. This gaddamned thing is WRONG AF

  • I typed in all the most gothy answers to see whether this quiz was real or not and still got barbie lol. Also the user below me HI! I love vocaloid it is my life

  • umm.... i did this 2 times and gave different answers but the score stayed the same i think that there was a mistake but that's ok the quizz was fun and i enjoyed it i can tell you put a lot of effort into this. THANK YOU!!

  • Barbie

  • The quiz is clearly broken.

    I would consider myself semi-goth at the very least.

  • wait a moment im a freaking goth and anyone who took this quiz and you truly belive your goth dont belive this stupid quiz your not a barbie (ugh) ;( anyways your goth like im a gothmo or to say gothic emo and i got barbie (yuck) ;( so belive in you and who you are dont let anyone or anything take charge of you.

  • Hmm... Barbie you say? Last Barbie I had lost her head in the bathtub and i burned her body over a bonfire.

  • Apparently I'm a barbie. :| great
    but I'm not afraid of blood

  • what the f*** is this a good for nothing joke... I'm not a barbie... Do I really have to see you in person and slice my wrists?

    I'm not a poser...

  • I think this quiz is revrsed. 0% means your goth. Because I got 0% and there is no way in hell I'd ever be one of those deformed lumps of plastic. Just sayin'.

  • WHAT? 0%? THIS QUIZ IS FALSE! SUNSHINE? NO DARK BLOOD? TELL THAT TO ALL THE KIDS THAT ARE SCARED OF ME! But yah, I can't stand blood. But I'm not innocent, I've thought of doing things that a kid my age shouldn't even know about...

  • I think it gives you 0% no matter what

  • Barbie. I think everyone gets barbie. This quiz is S***! Seriously! WTF!?!?!?

  • i got barbie.....

    i dont play with dolls the um well the "correct" way no make-up no pink pretty much black.sooooo yea this quiz sucked.

  • I am not Barbie.

    But I can play with her and rip her tiny head off.

    .......It could've been a better quiz.

    LoSt GiRl
  • BARBIE?!?!?!?!?!?! U suck

    Lil hihi
  • Your the town 0%

    Barbie! yay you are kind and full of sun shine! no bad dark blood in your cute lil body, You run at the sight of blood and everything not cute and innocent

    what f*** y** !!! its not TREU!!!


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