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  • Your the town 0%

    Barbie! yay you are kind and full of sun shine! no bad dark blood in your cute lil body, You run at the sight of blood and everything not cute and innocent!

    Dufuq?!? I have voodoo dolls!! I have 3 black snakes!!! You go in ma hose you think all the lights are off!!!!!
    I havnt seen anything white/pink in my house/room in 25 years.
    P.S., I'm 25
    THIS IS RIGGED!!!!!!!!

    Haleigh Aug 20 '16, 2:53AM
  • im not a goth... im emo.... there's a huge difference

    Depressed_Emo Jun 29 '16, 6:06PM
  • wait a moment im a freaking goth and anyone who took this quiz and you truly belive your goth dont belive this stupid quiz your not a barbie (ugh) ;( anyways your goth like im a gothmo or to say gothic emo and i got barbie (yuck) ;( so belive in you and who you are dont let anyone or anything take charge of you.

    Demigod123 Mar 30 '16, 9:14PM
  • um do you not see the blood on my shirt I HATE pink and white I'm a totally morbid person who would never run at the sight of blood

    MyChemicalBrenod Jan 11 '16, 5:26PM
  • ...Complete waste of time.

    Masky23 Jan 6 '15, 2:28PM
  • Fail. I doubt the quiz creator even knows who Bauhaus is, or even Bela Lugosi for that matter, lol. And yes Bela as in "undead undead", not bella swan. When I got my first tattoo, "bella swan" was probably still in diapers. ;]

    pinkfluffyrobot Nov 22 '14, 5:18AM
  • xc this is soooo fake.

    AmberLovesADTR Jul 1 '14, 11:58PM
  • I'm not a barbie, neither a goth.
    But who listens to a 14years-old 'guy' who meditates and believes in the spiritual creatures trough who were serounded .
    Making weapons is my hobby, no barbie can or dears to do that, am I right?!

    Martinus Jun 12 '14, 4:50PM
  • what the f*** is this a good for nothing joke... I'm not a barbie... Do I really have to see you in person and slice my wrists?
    I'm not a poser...

    nonojackson101 May 2 '14, 1:06PM
  • ima mortician in training. ive never gotten sick at the sight of blood. i actually enjoy it... hahaha

    janastephens Apr 21 '14, 1:11PM
  • i aint barbie i am full out emo and i love black and pink can go die

    bambie102 Nov 21 '13, 8:15AM
  • Yay I'm a barbie :D XD

    6 6 sick Oct 19 '13, 6:35PM
    my fav. color is black i wear a lot of black but my stereo type is more emo then goth

    Fallen Life Aug 1 '13, 12:23AM
  • i got barbie.....
    i dont play with dolls the um well the "correct" way no make-up no pink pretty much black.sooooo yea this quiz sucked.

    knucklesthegreat Jul 30 '13, 2:37PM
  • 0% Barbie... awww man. Some kid is gonna rip my plastic head off!

    aturn Jul 3 '13, 6:49PM
  • I am not Barbie.
    But I can play with her and rip her tiny head off.
    .......It could've been a better quiz.

    LoSt GiRl May 8 '13, 7:24PM
  • ...your quiz appears to be flawed...i would advise fixing it...its a real shame when people are bored enough to take one of these damned things and teh designers cannot even create an accurate quiz...

    Toryn117 Mar 28 '13, 7:35AM
  • I typed in all the most gothy answers to see whether this quiz was real or not and still got barbie lol. Also the user below me HI! I love vocaloid it is my life

    Kagamine_Rin Dec 16 '12, 1:27PM
  • I run at the sight of blood? More like I run to it if I see some. I'm obsessed with it. This quiz sucks. Waste of time.

    Vocaloid Sep 11 '12, 6:19PM
  • Everyone got barbie. I got barbie. I went to this place once and we got to shoot barbie dolls out of a cannon. Trust me, it was so good to see that plastic junk hit the wall on the other side of the room.

    AnonymousUser000 Aug 12 '12, 3:14PM
  • barbie,huh?now yr the barbie,and yr i eternel darkness with fire on u. am i so 'fun' and 'cute' now?

    wolf75677 May 20 '12, 2:15PM
  • Hmm... Barbie you say? Last Barbie I had lost her head in the bathtub and i burned her body over a bonfire.

    xXwrathXx May 14 '12, 6:57PM

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