How Good of a Writer are You?

This Quiz will test your Knowledge on writing to help you be able to write. It will not help you get worse. The only it will help you with is to get better at what you love. A.K.A. Writing. Thanks for taking the Quiz. Good Luck i hope you pass.

Created by: Vamplence
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you do when you start a new Paragraph?
  2. What do you Capitalize in a Paragraph?
  3. Name the parts of a Letter
  4. Can you Write a Short Story (BE HONEST)?
  5. Have scored a Proficient or Distinguish on your Open Responses?
  6. What is the Standard Number of Paragraphs in a Letter, etc.?
  7. What was the Score of the Last Open Response you Completed?
  8. Which of these do you like to write about? (It won't Count)
  9. Do you like to Write?
  10. What would you love to get a award for?

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Quiz topic: How Good of a Writer am I?