how good of a sniper are you?

do you think you could be a sniper? can you crawl through mud and brush and swamp for days? and can you make that one precise, life saving shot from a mile away?

This quiz will test your ability to become a sniper. the questions are hard, and only someone with true sniper abilities will be able to get most of them correct.

Created by: joe

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  1. which of the following is a bolt action sniper rifle?
  2. which sniper rifle is made for the u.s. military?
  3. what is a "black hole" reffering to?
  4. how do you fix a black hole?
  5. which of the following rifles offer a version that can fire a .408?
  6. true or false? the m40a1, m40a2, and m40a3, are all chambered for the 7.63x51mm nato cartridge, giving it a maximum effective range of 800m.
  7. does heartbeat and breath rate effect aiming?
  8. does humidity effect bullet trajectory?
  9. 1 mil on a mil dot reticle is equal to how many Minutes of angle?
  10. the spotter, although he does not make long range shots, is still the most important part of a sniper team?

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Quiz topic: How good of a sniper am I?