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  • I got that I'd be mainly a pop singer and that I should go on American idol and I might get first place because they lied and said I have a good voice

    Tami_Chan Aug 28 '18, 5:32PM
  • This was so rude stick to the showers!!?! How about u stick ur laptop in the shower!!!

    Rhty24 Feb 17 '18, 8:12PM
  • I got an 88%, stick to pop and you could use the practice but you're not completely terrible. Guys, don't take this personally. If singing is your dream, keep following it. Don't let a quiz determine whether or not you want to sing.

    Vault 13 Jul 25 '16, 2:33PM
  • It said that I am a 70% shower singer.Who is this person insulting persons who wasted their time using this app.I was singing in my fathers concert. FYI I am a better singer than you.

    Miss beauty15 Mar 30 '16, 3:06PM
  • 89% shower singer,only my mother would listen to me and I couldn't even sing a happy birthday! That's mean. I was disheartened but I sang to my friends, they say I am awesome ( actually I am a church choir singer, group )my music teacher heard me singing and selected me for singing competition from my class saying I have natural talent. So I warn you everyone, don't listen to whoever wrote this quiz,he /she is just mean and rude, this quiz is actually dead cause it was just created for this person to have fun insulting others.if it says you are terrible,you are not!

    Teena Mar 10 '16, 1:21AM
  • Stick to the showers. Nobody Else will want to listen. You have a voice only a mother could love. Maybe take up an instrument, or not. Try the drums they are very loud and will drown out your singing.

    well then

    hehhhh Jan 13 '16, 6:15PM
  • rude i was bored so i did this but my friends say i sing really good

    hibye4567 Jan 11 '16, 9:15PM
  • This guy is full of hatred dont tell him what you can or cannot do you are the master of your fate

    0134 Jan 9 '16, 6:44AM
  • This guy is full of hatred dont tell him what you can or cannot do you are the master of your fate

    0134 Jan 9 '16, 6:41AM

    SHAY MAC Dec 26 '15, 4:37PM
  • If you got a really upsetting score such as 89% and it says your a shower singer... Well it says it for us too. Don't even listen to this person who clearly had no life to make a quiz full of hatred. Continue singing I bet your amazing and don't lose your confidence because of this nobody :)

    Screwthiswebsite Nov 27 '15, 12:10PM
  • Rubbish. Whoever made this is clearly a douche and had no life. Don't do the quiz, it's a complete waste of time unless you actually want to be complimented badly by a person who hasn't even got a musical degree. Idiot.

    Screwthiswebsite Nov 27 '15, 12:06PM
  • This is stupid. It said I had a voice only a mother would love. I can't even sing happy birthday? WTF. I have the lead in my school play I think I can sing. Don't listen to this guys. You are all great singers. This is not true

    KG5678 Nov 26 '15, 8:40PM
  • I'm a great singer!But sometimes it says that i'm not.For you who got a bad result don't take it seriously just ignore it:)

    KatyPerry123 Oct 21 '15, 4:08AM
  • this quiz told me i had a voice only a mother would love.
    like wtf i want to be a singer so i took this quiz to see if i was good or not. plus how would a stupid @$$ online test tell your skills you would need a real person to jude your singing. so anyone taking this quiz dont listen to this bull$h!t its a lie

    another_human Oct 9 '15, 9:44PM
  • Im a very good singer and it said only ur mother would love it and that is so rude!!!!!yeah i took the quiz to know if i am a good singer or not and it said im not but it didnt need to say it so rude i mean seriously!!!!!!x@$

    Djlucky22 Jul 4 '15, 10:28PM
  • How good of a singer are you?
    Your Result: Pop


    Try singing pop. Don't be a Diva like Hannah Montana. Try American Idol, and you may just get 1st place. You sing moderate level notes and have a great singing voice.

    Shower Singer

    Eeeeeek!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    1. I'm Australian
    2. I don't like Hannah Montana
    3. I can't think of a 3.

    User Jun 17 '15, 12:22AM
  • I got "Shower Singer" but I sing all the time plus I'm known for my singing at school. Also everyone compliments my singing. One time my mom asked me to sing for a lady and she was breath taken. This quiz isn't true. DONT LISTEN TO IT!!!

    This Person Jun 2 '15, 9:20PM
  • this quiz was really stupid, and not accurate at all ill give it a big fat zero

    only a dreamer Jun 2 '15, 12:09AM
  • How can this test even tell you if you can sing or not? I mean surely someone would actually have to sing for someone so that they can decide if you are a good singer?!?! And I'm not just saying this because it said that I cant sing and only a mother would love my voice - even she probably does - i'm saying it because its just stupid!!!!

    HeyitsJess123 Apr 17 '15, 11:41AM
  • It really hurt my feelings because it said i suck at singing.

    Crafty Bridge 27 Apr 14 '15, 2:54AM
  • Who ever is reading this, you are a wonderful singer. Even if you think you're not, if you want to sing better, you just gotta keep practicing! But you don't need me to tell you that. :)
    Just pump up some music, sing with good posture, breathe from your stomach, and don't strain your vocal chords. Sing at your range. If the song isn't at your range, bring the range down or up, depending on your vocal range.
    The quiz creator probably has a huge ego with poor vocal skills. A sad person wondering why no one likes her singing and is raging on a quiz. And if you managed to get onto a singing career, they'll be worshipping you! So keep your chin up, cuz the damn conductor has pointed the baton. Wait... Why are the percussionists so loud? Is that a dying cat I hear drowning in that loud noise? Oh. It's just the quiz creator.

    Scarlet_mizuno72 Apr 9 '15, 2:02AM

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