How good of a minecrafter are you

Are you a minecraft pro? Have you seen all the biomes? Fought all the monsters? Played all the versions? Test your knowledge in this quiz to see if you can live in minecraft or if you'll just fail.

Do you have what it takes to survive in the harsh world of minecraft? Can you build a proper house? Will you fight the monsters or chicken out? Have you walked through minecraft biomes?

Created by: Julia
  1. What kind of material do you NEVER use to make tools?
  2. You are monster hunting all alone and you see a big pack of zombies. What do you do?
  3. How many ores are there in minecraft pe.
  4. You want to have a little (or big) fireplace in your house what kind of house should you build?
  5. What's better?
  6. What do arrow heads give you when they are killed?
  7. How many versions of minecraft are there?
  8. What kinds of monsters are there in minecraft pe.
  9. What do spiders give you when they are killed?
  10. What kind of trees would you find in a swamp?

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Quiz topic: How good of a minecrafter am I