how good of a driver are you?

there are alot of bad drivers out there a good driver is some one who obeys laws and all that good stuff oh how i hate my life i hope you go and burn in the darkest place in hell so yeah today was a good day. yes its a very good day and i hate making this really stupid quiz because its full of crap

are you a good driver??? do you have what it takes man! im just talking a bunch of bull so i can get through this stupid character crap. and i still need to type more so i can continue on and get graded for school and get through this but no, it just had to be lame

Created by: get f---ed

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how fast do you drive on the highway on average?
  2. how much faster do you drive over the speed limit?
  3. how often do you use your turn signal
  4. how often do you drink and drive
  5. how often do you talk on your cell why driving?
  6. how often do you get pulled over?
  7. how often do you get pulled over?
  8. how often do you get into car wrecks?
  9. do you have a fast car?
  10. are you into street racing?
  11. do you have a cheese wheel?

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Quiz topic: How good of a driver am I?