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  • Intelligence has nothing to do with looks. In fact, my spelling and grammar compared to that of the creator of this quiz suggests that you should be the one going back to Kindergarten. By the way, I do not care what I look like, but when you insult people's intelligence based on looks, that is wrong. Rant over, have a nice day.

  • i don't agree with this quiz it gave me a 20% i am a ballet dancer!! i am 90 pounds!!! and it gives me a 20% ARE R U kinding me are you trying to lower girls and women confidence or what you judgeing people very wrong it doesn't matter to me what peole look like.

    but when someone tells me i could do better with myself what do want me to be anerexic!!! i am 90 pounds for f#%*&$* sake. and useig peoples intellidgence to determine their answer seriously.

    it makes me so mad when people judge people i mean what do u think everybody should be 50 pounds and anerexic or is that not good enough!!

    you should delete this quiz!!

    i would have to say this is one ofthe vry few things that pisses me off

  • The reason I don’t go on dates is because I twelve same reason for the cartoons anyway what are you doing insulting people’s intelligence looks and weight on a stupid quiz with zero grammar

  • @HiNRah exactly! To be honest the grammar really annoyed me lol.

  • 88% Yay! Maybe a little less though... I mean maybe not... my boyfriend will tell men :)


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