How good is your poker face?

We all have our own poker faces. They aide us in- guess what? Poker. The lovely game of gambling. We use them in everyday life, also. But how efficient is yours?

Well, don't just sit there like you don't care! Scroll down. Get clicking. We're all mad here, so there's no need to fret. You'll always fit among us, no matter what! Now that you know that there is no reason to fear, go ahead. Find out a new part of yourself.

Created by: Saratheamaze

  1. First off, none of these questions are going to do with poker.
  2. Do you think highly of yourself?
  3. Pick a word.
  4. Are you scared that you are going to fail this quiz??
  5. Halfway. Worn down yet?
  6. Remember these three numbers..they will show up later 12-16-09
  7. Pick a color that describes the animal that I am thinking of!
  8. Are you lying?
  9. Well, are you? Be HONEST this time.
  10. If 2 plus 2 is four, what is the answer to this problem?
  11. Numbers please!
  12. Last question, as promised.
  13. It's true, I lied. Because I forgot the all important question! What's your favorite color?

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Quiz topic: How good is my poker face?