is your mask inpenitrable

A mask, A beutiful thing a painted smile and you could be weeping underneath. Hey who are you?! is that your real face? Did you borow it? Can I be sure that smile is real? Why are you running!

Got a good poker face? Are you exelent at fooling people? Prove it!! You can't hide from me. Well you might who knows unless you click here to test your skills

Created by: Tainted
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  1. Even if your having a bad day do you act happy. On the verge of tears can you bite them back.
  2. Do you understand what I mean by mask?
  3. How well do you speak with others?
  4. I like to read because _____
  5. I smile most to...
  6. How many true freind do you have.
  7. Fav song of the following... (by avril lavine)
  8. Lasly Do you think you wear a mask?
  9. Sorry im blank.. these last two don't count towrd your score! mkay! How are you!?
  10. Still dosent effect your score.. Deathly hollows The last HP book!! Canyou wait.

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Quiz topic: Is my mask inpenitrable