Are you a true Albanian

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Hi welcome to my amazing wonderful quiz, if you’re here then congrats your a loser, don’t worry I’m a loser to it’s fine. I plan on making more quizzes specifically a “what Balkan country are you” quiz.

*warning* answering questions in this quiz is similar to walking through a Bosnian mine field/ the country of Bosnia. Think through you’re answers thoroughly before answering and remember always look me in the eyes I don’t have a poker face.

Created by: Onion Soup
  1. Why is the Albania flag the best European flag.
  2. What is the state main religion in Albania
  3. What country has a stronger economy
  4. Fun fact did you know that the white on the flag of Serbia represents Serbian milk (not from livestock 😐)
  5. What’s the capital of Albania called
  6. What does Ruani thembra tona mean
  7. How many bunkers are in Albania
  8. Thoughts on Turkey
  9. Thoughts on Google
  10. Ok final question. Which of these countries is cool

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Albanian