How Albanian are you?

Albanians belong to a unique group of ethnic people from the Balkan Peninsula. There is rumor that a lot of people who are of Albanian descent dont even know it.

This quiz is designed to tag a stereotipical "You're so Albanian, its not even funny". Take this quiz to see how surprising these results can turn up. And who knows, maybe you are Albanian.

Created by: Shyptari
  1. Can you name your name your all your grandfathers in order, dating back to the 15th century
  2. Do you have a tatoo of a Two-Haaded eagle on your arm?
  3. What kind of car is in your driveway?
  4. Cigarette and Beer preferences
  5. Craziest thing ever done at a wedding...repeatedly.
  6. When did you start smoking?
  7. What kind of business do you own?
  8. Do you drive the most expensive car at your school?
  9. Have you ever been hit with a wooden spoon?
  10. Did you grow up thinking nothing had a fixed price?

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Quiz topic: How Albanian am I?