How good is your memory?

Memory is an important skill in life. But do you have a good memory? Find out by taking this quiz. There are 10 questions that will test your memory.

These questions may be easy or hard, depending on your skill level. Good luck and enjoy. This is my twenty eighth quiz and I made this because it is fun.

Created by: Sphinx

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  1. Can you remember things that happened a year go?
  2. Can you remember the lessons you had today?
  3. Can you remember what you ate last night?
  4. Can you remember what you watched on tv today?
  5. Can you remember what day of the week you were born on?
  6. Can you remember what you played today?
  7. Can you remember the last quiz you took?
  8. Can you remember what date it was in Easter 2011?
  9. Can you remember the day of the week your birthday was last year?
  10. Can you remember the day of the week Christmas was in 2014?

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Quiz topic: How good is my memory?