How good are your intuitions?

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Your intuition, sometimes referred to as your inner guidance, is a mechanism of inner or instinctive knowing which neither requires, nor employs logical thought processes.

It is andevelop your intuition alternative source of knowledge, level of awareness, or as some refer to it, an inner voice. We all possess this mechanism to varying degrees, as well as the capacity to develop it further. Take this quiz and see how your intuitions are ^-^

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  1. How good are you at predicting things ( Such as whose gonna win a sports game, who will win that award etc.) ?
  2. You are walking on the road and you come across a known person they smile at you, do you have a feeling of what they're gonna say and it turns out to be exactly what they said?
  3. You are studying for an exam and you come across a question and go like this question is gonna definitely come and that question comes in your examination, has this ever happened to you?
  4. Your teacher is asking questions orally in the class and you have a sixth sense that your name will be called to answer a question and then your name gets called, ever happened?
  5. You're about to visit a relative's place for Christmas, your relative tells you that they will send their driver Roy to pick you up at the airport, when you arrive at the airport there is a big crowd of people/drivers to receive people, you come across a lot of drivers and then suddenly you see this guy and ask "are you Roy?" And he says yes, has this ever happened/ can happen to you?
  6. You're singing a song and you turn on the tv/radio etc. and the same song is being played, sounds familiar?
  7. You're going to a mall/park etc. and you feel you'll meet a friend/ known person there and they happen to be there, ever happened?
  8. Are you able to have a feeling of what results you're gonna get in this quiz?
  9. You're thinking about a certain person whom you're missing today and a few minutes/ hours later that person visits your home, ever happened?
  10. Do others tend to compliment your sixth sense?
  11. Excited for seeing your results? (Please comment & rate, thanks) [note: this question has no effect to your results]

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Quiz topic: How good am Ir intuitions?