How much do you know about Earthquakes??

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Earthquakes one of the most Destructive natural processes also one of the most facinating and enticing processes to study. They are closely linked with Volcanoes, Tectonics and Tsunamis too.

In this quiz you will discover how much ypu know about earthquakes, this quiz also has questions on tectonics, lava and volcanoes, but it's not too hard so don't worry :)

Created by: sammierox1997

  1. "You usually find Earthquakes and Volcanoes round the pacific ocean, this is the hot spot, known as the _________"
  2. Please choose which one you think describes how an earthquake happens
  3. What is Magnitude??
  4. What is the Epi Centre??
  5. What is the Focus??
  6. Magnitude is measured on the ritchiter scale
  7. Seismometers measure magnitude
  8. I'm going to do a bit on Volcanoes now. (Select first awnser-it's the right one)
  9. (Fill in the gaps) _______ Volcanoes: have errupted recently
  10. _________ Volcanoes: Have errupted before and are expected to again
  11. _________ Volcanoes: Have not errupted since record began and are not expected to
  12. (Name the Lava) Vicous, Slow Flow, Steep sides
  13. Fast Flow, creates gentle sloping sides
  14. (Name the plate boundary) When two plates crumble up together and create a fold mountain
  15. When two plates move apart and it fills with magma, adding material to the sea floor causing an ocean ridge
  16. When plates move sideways past each other and snag. This builds up pressure then they will eventually Jerk past (probably causing an earthquake)
  17. When one plate is forced under the other and is then melted by friction, magma will the rise up and cause a volcanic erruption

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Earthquakes??