How good are you at fortnite battle royale?

This quiz may not make you happy by the result. This is just an honest reading of how good you are based off your answers. This quiz may also not be accurate, but i'm pretty sure that it is.


Created by: Israel nobleness

  1. What sniper do you go or
  2. How many wins do you have
  3. You see a green semi-auto, a purple SCAR, a blue pump shotgun, and a golden machine gun. What do you choose?
  4. You are surrounded by 3 people, but none of them know your there. All you have is your heavy shotgun. What do you do
  5. You see a building battle, so you...
  6. You just won a victory royale. So you say...
  7. You are watching a guy walk and jump up and down, when suddenly, you hear a loud bang he dies. You...
  8. You are in the final storm eye of the match, when suddenly you see a supply drop. Its only you and one other player left. So you...
  9. Someone just tried to snipe you, but missed. What do you do
  10. There is a default hiding in a shed. You have C4, a SCAR, a heavy shotgun, stink bombs, and a med kit. What is the BEST WAY to troll him

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Quiz topic: How good am I at fortnite battle royale?