How Good Am I At Soccer

Do you want to know how great you are, what you chance of being great on the field is, well click on down and see you chances of being good at soccer!

I don't know if I'm totally correct and if I'm actually predicting your percentage of your soccer 'goodness' so just tell me, I'm new to this so yea I can make it better!

Created by: K2NX of My YT
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  1. What Is Your Age
  2. What is Your Gender?
  3. Why do you play soccer?
  4. Can you run fast, dribble, score a goal or tackle, chase, and defend the goal?
  5. Can you kick a ball more than 5 meters above the ground?
  6. Can you do keep ups (juggling the ball constantly on your feet)
  7. Are you fit?
  8. How well do you work with others?
  9. How skillful are you
  10. You have the ball, and you are being chased, how do you keep the ball with you without getting intercepted?
  11. You have the ball and there are no defenders nearby, how do you finish the ball?
  12. Do you want to play soccer in the future?
  13. How active are you in soccer or how many D.I.A.W do you play soccer

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