How Gloucester are you?

The population in Gloucester seems to be larger than life, yet where is all this life hiding? Are you a native Gloucester Islander or just passing through?

Are you Gloucester? Do you really count as an Islander or are you just another person clogging up the traffic at the traffic lights and making a mess of our beaches? lol Take this quiz and find out if you're a true Gloucester native.

Created by: Cathy

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  1. How do you say Gloucester?
  2. Earl & Archie are infamous for?
  3. Where's the best Pizza in G-town?
  4. What does Hey Cousin mean?
  5. What is the most important objective at 12:30 am on a Fri. night?
  6. After 12:00 am where does one eat?
  7. Who's corrupt?
  8. What are the best bars in G-town?
  9. Fiesta is a time to?
  10. Who's the Mayor of Gloucester?
  11. Who's Sefathia?
  12. Where are you going to be Thursday night?

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Quiz topic: How Gloucester am I?