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  • Your Result: 20% girly 74%

    What a tomboy! You don't care how you look because when you are involved in a rough game of football, and you will be all muddy, then why dress up? You hang out with boys yet have a boyfriend because you are a girl at heart. Oh, and your heart has something as nice as sugar mixed in with it.

    Whoa whoa, the first line hurted me, miss girly girly or whatever you are, you can't insult someone or hurt someone because of being a tomboy, I dunno if I misunderstood it but it hurted me that's it UnU

  • I got 80% girly. I believe I am that girly but tbh Im wealthy but not rich, Im obviously not perfect and Im not popular, however I do have 6 friends at school and 4 of them are a group and I hang out with them separately. So I think you might want to change what it says

  • 20% girly.

  • i'm supposed to be a tomboy
    i got 80% girly
    well... people change

  • (20% btw)
    SO TRUE!


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