How girly are you?

Girly Girls like to gossip, paint there nails, go shopping, and sometimes go to the beach. Does this sound like you? Because if it does, then this could be the right quiz for you!

Do you ever think that you could be a girly girl? Well now is the time to find out with this quiz! Until now your friends might say you are a girly girl, but you deny it. This is your chance to see if they are right! So what are you waiting for, start this quiz!

Created by: Jade
  1. What do you do on the weekends?
  2. What's your favourite colour
  3. What's your favourite food?
  4. Where do you want to go in the world?
  5. Would you rather
  6. What pet do you have?
  7. What temperature during the day?
  8. Why did you take this quiz?
  9. Have you ever said something humiliating to your crush?
  10. What colour hair do you have?
  11. Have you enjoyed this quiz????

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Quiz topic: How girly am I?