How Tomboyish Are You??? (girls only)

In this quiz your gonna see how tomboyish you are you maybe aren't a tomboy or aren't a girly girl at all maybe even your both but that's still for you to deaside.

you'll see if your girly girl or tomboyish this is just for you to see so don't be to excited about yourself because maybe you wont be a tomboy or you'll be a girly girl.

Created by: Cloudthefox

  1. What do you ussually wear?
  2. do you play video games like roblox, fortnite or minecraft?
  3. do you like playing video games?
  4. do you say words like 'duh' 'bruh' 'i dont care dude' 'dude'
  5. what kind of sports do you play?
  6. what kind of hair style do you like?
  7. do you believe in unicorns?
  8. what youtube videos do you watch?
  9. do you play around with boys?
  10. do you interact with your cousins/family?

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Quiz topic: How Tomboyish am I??? (girls only)