How ghetto r u?

Are you ghetto??...this quiz will test you to truely see how ghetto u r...bein ghetto is like wen somone wear so fresh ass j's but they socks are dirty as hell...or havin spinners, fresh paint and lambo doors on ya car but tht b---- wont start...

If you are ghetto u bout to get ur own name...sorry im not racist but if ur not ghetto u'll be crowned white...try ya best and take it untill u reach the ghettoest name...

Created by: giovanni echevarria of giovanni echevarria
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is Top Ramen?
  2. which movie on this list was the best?
  3. Do you dress hood?
  4. How many brothers an sisters?
  5. Whats the best?
  6. Best breakfast-type food
  7. best artist
  8. best name
  9. how many days in a year
  10. wats more important
  11. r u ghetto?

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