How Ghetto Are You?

This was just a quiz i made when i was bored so if you dont like it then dont take it.Think you are ghetto?!?!Wanna find out?!?!.Its just a quiz to tell how ghetto you are,just something fun so dont take it personally.

You know wat you are so dont let a quiz tell you.So take the quiz get the results and find out if youre ghetto or not.But anyways just a quiz so hope you enjoy!

Created by: Jazz

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  1. Is your name one of the choices below?
  2. Your clothes are all name brand and you cant afford them.
  3. You had your 1st tastse of alcohol when you were under the age of 10.
  4. The outside of your crib is a mess,but the inside is clean.
  5. Some of the furniture in your crib still has the plastic on it
  6. You say the words finna,fixin,and all that other stuff.
  7. You borrow things from people and they probably wont get them back.
  8. You go to the store with your pj's and a scarf on and dont care who sees.
  9. The dishes in your crib are mainly tuffaware.
  10. Your typical sunday is sittin on your porch sharin a beer with your relatives or goin out to the flea market.

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Quiz topic: How Ghetto am I?