How GHETTO are you??

If you take this quiz it will determine how close or how far you grew up from da hood...... your actions, habits and attitude says it all! Take this quiz and find out.....

Are you GHETTO??? How GHETTO are you??? Do you have the mannerisims that qualify for that ever so unique title??? Or are you a spoilde rich kid from the sticks? Take this quiz adnd find out!

Created by: Santa Maria
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  1. Does you or your mom wear huge hoop earrings?
  2. Does you or your dad wear hats all the time? (Fedoras/Yankees/etc.)
  3. Gold Teeth?
  4. 50 Cent?
  5. Do you or would you put rims on a car that is worth less than the rims?
  6. Does your mom reuse tin foil?
  7. Does your mom have a jar of frying oil under the sink?
  8. Does your mom reuse that oil?
  9. Does your mom reuse gift bags?
  10. Does she remember to take off the TAG that says it's from someone else?!!!
  11. If you or your mom has ever argued over a parking space what did you say?
  12. Have you ever cut or tried to someone in the line at the grocery store because you happen to have less things?
  13. Who is your idol?
  14. Can you swim?
  15. Do you hang out on your stoop?
  16. Has anyone in your family ever stolen a car and just drove it around?
  17. Did you ride in that car?
  18. Do you have Section 8 or live in the projects?

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Quiz topic: How GHETTO am I??