How GhEttO R U?

Their are many Ghetto people in da world,but few true ones dats from da Ghetto. Wat is a Ghetto person? A ghetto person iz da person who gets a 100% on my Quiz.

R U Ghetto? Do u think dat u can get a 100.U'll neva know till u take my Quiz.IN just a few minutes u will find out. By just taking dis 1 quiz u can find ur true Ghetto. If think dis quiz iz not nesserary how ever u spell it take my quiz anyway.

Created by: zaira

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Have u eva been loud 4 no reason?
  2. Mostly all da people in ya family got long ass names?
  3. Got naturaly nappy hair?
  4. DO u Dress nice?
  5. Played hide n go seek in da dark?
  6. U Know da newst slang?
  7. Win u goin out always got a scaf on?
  8. ALways go out lookin good?
  9. studder win u talk
  10. Always got lotty pops?

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