How Georgia are you??

Do you ever wonder what a southerner is truly made of?? Its not jsut about the accent ya know... i hope ya enjoy this quiz and if you are a true southerner then definately post it on your Myspace page!! Dixie rebels... GO DAWGS!!

I wanted to make this quiz because i always saw quizzes about the different places to live in the north and always speakin of the lil untold secrets about the place you live... and the only way to know it is if ya live, or lived, there so i hope ya enjoy!

Created by: Lyndsey
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  1. Is north Georgia and south Georgia different in anyway??
  2. What does Southern cookin consist of??
  3. What is the capital of GA?
  4. Do you know where "yonder" is?
  5. Are there "towns" in GA where you enter them and blink.. then youre already out of em??
  6. Which seasons does the majority of GA go thru in a year??
  7. Where was part of the "georgia" video by Ludacris taped??
  8. Is ya'll a word??
  9. What are two of the main highways in GA?
  10. What is southern hospitality?

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Quiz topic: How Georgia am I??