how funny r u can u quess

There are Many funny people,but few True hilariously funny people.hilarious, after all,quite exceptional.hilarious means you can make anyone laugh anywhere anytime anyplace

Are you a hilariously funny person?does it actually just happen?until now you can only wonder.but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you'll find out!

Created by: zach

  1. R u always trin to crack a joke
  2. Do u laugh at our own jokes
  3. Do people just stare at u
  4. Do u have to contemplate on wat ur gonna say
  5. Do you laugh when someone gets hurt
  6. Do you watch shows like spongebob And stuff
  7. Do u think Tim Hawkins is funny
  8. Can u make a bitter person laugh
  9. Does ur teacher laugh at your jokes wen they're not supposed to
  10. Do u think ur funny

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