How Forgetful Are You?

Most people have trouble with their memorys from time to time. It's always nice to know if we are keeping up with everyone else or if we are slipping a little. Don't forget to check this out!

Are YOU forgetful? Thanks to this quiz you will have some idea of how forgetful you really are. Soon you will know if your memory is in tip- top shape or if it needs a work out! Good Luck!

Created by: Lipstick
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  1. Do you remember your parent's or children's birthdays?
  2. If you go shopping can you find your car when you are done?
  3. When you are cooking do you ever burn the food?
  4. Do you remember to feed your pet fish?
  5. Do you pay your bills on time?
  6. When you go to a movie do you get there on time?
  7. When you take an important exam do you do well on the test?
  8. When you have to be somewhere are you on time?
  9. When you are with someone, and you run into someone you know, do you remember to introduce them?
  10. When someone sends you to buy food from the store with a list, do you get everything on the list?
  11. When you sing to a song on the radio do you remember the words?
  12. Do you practice good dental hygene?
  13. Do you think you are forgetful?
  14. Can you remember the combination to your locker, bike lock, or safe?
  15. What was the first question in this test?

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Quiz topic: How Forgetful am I?