How Fly Are You ?

See , I didn't do this quiz O2 make fun of people .. Although it did soundd likee it . Buhh It Wasn't . It Waass Jusst A Fun Test O2 See If Your Fly Likee Meehh .. Which Somee Of Youu Aree ( Hopefully ) && Then Theres Thaaa Peoplee Who Aren't FLY at all . Juss SAYIN . Dnt Taake Thiss O2 Thaa Butt . >:]

Aree Youu FLIER Thaan Meeh ? Hmm AREE YOUU ? Well If Your Not Afraidd O2 See If Youu Aree Takee Thee Quiz .. && See Whaat Youu Geet . # REMEMBER JUSS FOR FUN :]

Created by: Denise

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Brand Of Clothes Do Youu Wear ?
  2. What Brand Of Sneakers Do You Wear ?
  3. Accessories ?
  4. What Kind Of Jeans/Pants ?
  5. Do Youu Prefer ?
  6. Do Youu Prefer ?
  7. SO Do Youu Think Your Fly ?
  8. Wouldd Youu Rather Be ?
  9. Blaa Blaa .. Waaiting .. Be PATIENT .
  10. Buh-Byeee .

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Quiz topic: How Fly am I ?