How fat would you like your girl

Well this is just a fun quiz for people who like the larger women in life...............................FatfatfatfatfatfatfatfataftAtafatafatafatatafatatftafatatagtafatafatafafyafafata

........So do you have the mind to make a girl as fat as you want well here's a quiz for you.......... MAKE YOUR DREAM GIRL FAT.................................

Created by: Mark Welman
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  1. You See a hot girl, but she has a small muffin top what are you thinking about her?
  2. You started dating a feedie and she wants you to help her get fatter what do you do?
  3. The girl you started dating asks you how big you would like her to be and how will you do it
  4. A girl is having trouble finding some new jeans in a clothing store what would you tell her.
  5. You and you girl are at a burger restaurant and her button pops when she finished her fifth burger and she laughs what is you response?
  6. Your girl wants to way her self but the scale isn't working and she is her under wear what do you do?
  7. You and your girl are sitting on the couch together when you see her belly out of her shirt before you look at the entire thing how big do you thong it is?
  8. You and you girl are playing on your bed and you stick your finger in her belly button how deep is it?
  9. Your girl is squashing you and you like it what do you like to get squashed by when she squashes you?
  10. You will feed you Girl till she...
  11. Your girl is having trouble getting up from the couch because of her belly how much do you think it ways?
  12. Your girl now ways 547lbs and she's happy but recently her rotor said shes fine but she needsto loose weight what do you say to that?
  13. Your girl has lost weight accidentally and I now 425, now she upset what do you tell her?
  14. (the next three are optional) You are giving your girl a belly rub and you see you arm can be hid under you girls belly rolls what is you reaction?
  15. Your girls dream to become a 598Lbs do you think she should continue gaining?
  16. Your girls belly is now atleast 90lbs and it won't fit in any of the pants you can find her how dovyou suppose you fix this problem ?
  17. What type of girl do you like?

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Quiz topic: How fat would you like my girl