How fat is your tummy?

Americans' waistlines are growing. If you have a fat tummy then you are at risk for abdominal obesity. It is important to know so you can change your eating habits/exercise regime if need be.

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Created by: RLD
  1. How fat do you personally think your tummy is?
  2. Sit down and bend over. How many rolls does your tummy have?
  3. Grab a tape measure and measure the circumference of your waist. Measure in inches.
  4. Do you have a muffin top?
  5. Sit down and feel your tummy. What do you feel?
  6. What makes your tummy jiggle?
  7. How does a size small shirt fit (assuming it fits your height)?
  8. Would you wear a bikini?
  9. What is your body shape?
  10. What do your friends/family say about your tummy? (not teasing, but honest)
  11. Do you like your tummy?

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Quiz topic: How fat is my tummy?