How Evil Are You?

There are 2 sides good&bad, day&night Sun&moon happy&sad you have to pick one in your life. you would have come across many viewpoints in your life, not all the same.

time for YOU to choose YOUR side good or evil? it happens in everyday life,now its time for YOU to take this quiz about good&evil

Created by: S

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  1. If you see someone you really hate, what do you do?
  2. If someone is drowning and crying for help, what do you do?
  3. If your friend is in a fight what do you do?
  4. What is your childhood dream?
  5. What music to you listen to
  6. if you find: An Army tank,jet fighter with missles,ice creamm truck, your mums old car and a spaceship which one would you choose
  7. Guns,Grenades or Swords?
  8. if you find £50,000 would would you spend it on?
  9. Have you ever stole anything?
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Quiz topic: How Evil am I?