How Evil are you

Are you mean or evil a nuff to tack this test are you a killer a monster show how evil you can be tack my test and be the man man tack controll and be awsome.

Are to cool to tack my test or are you to scared to tack my test. Ow that's it your scared and freaiten to tack this test tack it and show your girl freind how awsome you are just tack it

Created by: Max

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  1. How would you kill barny?
  2. How would you kill Elmo
  3. How mean are you?
  4. How nice are you?
  5. Would you kill?
  6. Are you in love?
  7. Would you harm a loved one?
  8. Do you belive in God?
  9. Do you think you are populer?
  10. Would you kill a animal for fun?

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Quiz topic: How Evil am I