How Evil Are You?

There are evil people, but few pure evil people. A pure evil person is hard to find. How to tell if your pure evil? Thats easy. Just take this quiz and find out!

Are you evil? Do you have the power to hurt people and laugh about it later? Would you want to have that power? We'll come and see. This quiz is 50 questions to be 100% sure if your evil or not.

Created by: Unkown

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  1. Would you be a hitman if you had the opertunity and it paid good?
  2. Do you attend church every sunday. Be honest.
  3. Do you laugh at people when they get hurt, such as tripping on the side walk, or walking into a pole.
  4. Are you happy to see the ones you hate fail?
  5. Have you ever wished bad upon someone?
  6. Do you beleive that the weak should be killed off, to make of a better society?
  7. Are animals useless to the world besides there ability to make for good pets and food?
  8. Whos the better person out of this bunch of people?
  9. What are your religous beliefs?
  10. A weird question here. Do you agree that the bad people on earth should be sent to hell.
  11. Are jokes about murder, rape, and race funny to you. Dont lie.
  12. Are you diagnosed with schizophrenia?
  13. Are you diagnosed with bipolar?
  14. Do you think the schizophrenia and bipolar questions made you more evil if you put yes?
  15. Have you ever murdered someone?
  16. Have you ever not raped someone?
  17. Do you beleive if that last question confused you, you are dumb?
  18. Is the electric chair a good way to punish people?
  19. Is abortion a good way to lower our giant population?
  20. Do you agree that we should make peace and not war?
  21. Are men and women equal?
  22. Should we forgive?
  23. Does the color of ones skin determind if he's evil or not?
  24. Do you want your evil percent to be more then 80?
  25. Are handicap people a poor excuse for complete functioning people?
  26. Are dwarfs half a person?
  27. Are homosexuals a virus to our society?
  28. Are grave sites a waste of land?
  29. Do you feel bad for the victims at hurricane katrina?
  30. Do you ever feel bad for something you have done?
  31. Is prison not harsh enough for murders and rapest?
  32. Is it right for a man to hit a girl?
  33. Is it right for a girl to hit a man?
  34. Should spanking be legal to help parenting?
  35. Do you hate people?
  36. Does money make you happy?
  37. Can you hit a friend or a family member and feel as though you had the right?
  38. Did you lie on any of these questions?
  39. Should drunk drivers be punished for hurting others in a accident?
  40. Is revenge the right way to go?
  41. Is it right to honor a cops life more then others?
  42. Is animal abuse acceptable?
  43. Have you ever left an entire family of yours behind?
  44. Have you ever stalked anyone?
  45. Should beer be legal even though it caused countless deaths?
  46. Is it ok to have sex with someone and just leave? One night stands.
  47. Have you lied yet?
  48. Are your results gonna be good or bad?

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