how emo are u and ur partner

there are couples that take emo to far and couples that are not emo at all and couples that are the perfect emo couple some people already no and some are not sure at all

do you no what couple you and your partner are do you think you are totally emo perfect or not emo at all try this quiz to find out and hey if you dont get the result you thought oh well its only two minutes give it a go

Created by: ami
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you both share clothes?
  2. do you both use make up eg eye liner
  3. do you both use the hair straightnes
  4. do people class you as a emo couple
  5. do your friends laugh at the clothes you and your partner dress in
  6. does your partner ever say you dress to emo
  7. can people in the street tell you are both emo
  8. do you like how your partner dresses
  9. do you both listen to emo music and thats it
  10. do you care what hates think

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