How Efficient Are You In MATHS?

Every Person In This World Is Unique.They Have Their Own Limitations And Abilities.Intelligence Is An Ability Awarded By The God To A Very Few People.Every Person Is A Genius Where Its Quantity & Ability To Work Varies.

Are You A Genius? Yes, You Are A Genius. But Do You Know How Much Intelligence Have You Worked Out?. Yes, Here This Quiz Gives You The Chance To Explore How Much Percentage Of Intelligence Have You Utilised? Here Is A Quiz On MATHEMATICS,THE QUEEN OF SCIENCE, THE ATTRACTIVE SUBJECT. Check How Much Interested And Intelligent Are You In Maths. BEST OF LUCK! TRY YOUR BEST! SUCCESS IS YOURS...

Created by: Kasyap L S Pvm

  1. Which SET Is A Common Subset For All Given Sets?
  2. Who Invented LOGARITHMS?
  3. Who Invented The Number 'Zero(0)'?
  4. Which Is The Correct Expansion Of sin(2x)?
  5. (1-2+3*6/0+8*7-8*5+4)(5+5-5*5/5*0)=
  6. World Pi Day Is On............?
  7. If The 20% Of A No. Is 80, Then What'll Be Its 50%?
  8. If A/2=B/3=C/4, Find A:B:C.
  9. The Equation To Find Out Compound INTEREST [C.I] Is...
  10. Which Is The ROMAN Representation Of 2016?
  11. sin^2(x)+cos^2(x)=?

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Quiz topic: How Efficient am I In MATHS?