How Existentially Afraid are you?

This is a quiz about how existentially afaid a person is. In my opinion the IQ only tests a person's math abilities. It doesn't test one's ability to observe the world around them, i believe this one does.

Are you an ubermensch Do you see past the delusion that sickens our world and forces us to hate ourselves? That makes us want to scream, makes us confused and disheartened.

Created by: noah cicero
  1. Do you think people are born different depending on gender or race?
  2. Do you think that all women/men are the same?
  3. Do you think other races are born psychologically different than you?
  4. Do you think there a God?
  5. Do you think agreeing with your friends matters?
  6. If your friend says racist or sexist comments do you remain silent?
  7. If you get a job and find out they don't hire a specified race, do you quit on moral grounds?
  8. Have you ever thought of something alone and when you said it out loud to your friends and they disagreed you changed your opinion?
  9. say one of your family members treats you horribly, do you still out of tradition tell them you love them?
  10. Who do you believe more?

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Quiz topic: How Existentially Afraid am I?