How Dunmore are you ?

There are many small towns but only one Dunmore . We grew up doing things lots of people miss / we perfected the endless summer in our youth.If you aint Dunmore you aint nothing .

Are you Dunmore / do you think you had fun / are you until now you can only guess but thanks to this quiz you can know /take the quiz and see what you missed .

Created by: bill ciccotti
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  1. what did you do all day
  2. what do you do at Nardozzies
  3. where did you drink beer in the summer
  4. who was Weasel
  5. what was King Kong Jungle
  6. where was the lost world
  7. did you ever get chased by the cops
  8. ever go to Salamandar City
  9. have you been to the Orient
  10. who is Kiung Joe
  11. whats a spook cave
  12. what is Up the Dump
  13. what do you do on Parade Day
  14. Black Mike and Jimmys are

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Quiz topic: How Dunmore am I ?